New Season – New Liner?

Tree roots, family pets, major storms – what do all of these things have in common? They all have a strong ability to do some damage to your pool liner. While a liner replacement may seem like a daunting task, there are just a few pieces on information to be aware of before taking this step toward pool-improvement. 

You Should Know…
– …the difference between overlap and beaded liners before making your purchase. Overlap liners can be seen on the outside wall of the pool. Beaded liners fit in a track with matching “J” hooks called a bead. If you currently have an overlap liner, we here at Eagle would suggest the installation of a bead track and liner during the labor process. It makes for a stronger hold, easier repair, and no unsightly overlap. 
– Online buyers beware – the Mil, or thickness, of your liner is of great importance. Many online retailers will simply leave the mil out of the equation because it is LOWER than they would like to reveal to customers. There is a tremendous amount of water pressure compressing on the liner. Any flaws in a low-mil liner from installation or usage can lead to another replacement in as quick as 6-12 months . And as you may know, the labor and installation can be just as much, if not more, than the liner itself. 
– Warranties only cover seam separation. In other words, a liner is only considered defective if it is pulling apart at a connection point. Furthermore, you will rarely have an easy time contacting someone from an online distributor about a possible defect. They will almost always find a way around it. Choose us as your retailer and have the opportunity to see and touch your liner options with friendly, expert advice every step of the way. 
Eagle Pool and Spa does not carry liners under 20 mil and we guarantee our installations will exceed your expectations. Bring a sample of your water to either Eagle location regularly to be tested in order to maintain balanced water chemistry. Improper pH levels, poor water hardness and excessive use of sanitizers will deteriorate liners faster than expected. 
Stick with us and rest assured your pool will continue being the mini-vacation you always wanted. 

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