I’ll have the F.R.O.G. – Hold the Salt, Please…

Doesn’t it always seem that when the next new device or gadget comes along, everyone just NEEDS to have it? Conversely, how many of us know that person that sticks with what they have, regardless of how much that very same item has developed? When it comes to water sanitation, the FROG system has improved on the old standard while avoiding changes that compromise the health of your pool. Before getting into the details about the benefits of the pool FROG, let’s quickly go over certain aspects of some other common methods.

Adding more sanitizer is not the only solution to all problems with your water. Maintaining proper water chemistry (alkalinity and pH) is vital for maintenance. If the pool gets away from you a little bit and some haziness starts to appear, your water chemistry should also be the first thing you check. Many times a pH adjustment is all that is required to get back to being crystal clear. The only time super chlorination (2 lbs./10k. gal.) is recommended is after you have checked your chemistry and visible cloudiness or green algae remains. Otherwise a level of 1-3 ppm of chlorine or 3-5 ppm bromine is plenty to keep pool water in check.
Salt Water Systems
There has been a somewhat recent increase in the popularity of salt water pools. These systems are marketed as an alternative to the traditional use of chlorine, but such is not the case. Salt generators require you add hundreds of pounds of salt to your pool, but this alone does not keep the water clean. The salt water chlorine generator strips salt (NaCl) of it’s sodium molecule, leaving good old fashioned chlorine behind to help sanitize the pool. The catch? An average of about 3500 ppm of salt in your pool is sure to do some corrosion damage to your pump, filter and deck. Also the generator needs to be disassembled and cleaned at least once a year to maintain efficiency.
Want something convenient AND efficient?
Allow us to introduce you to the FROG, system. An EPA approved mineral sanitation system, the pool FROG adds silver chloride to the water for added protection against bacteria and improved pH stability. The presence of silver chloride will allow for a 50% reduction of chlorine levels – about equal or even less than drinking water.
For the Pool – Installation is quick and painless. The FROG will fit in-line alongside all of your other equipment, with very little extra assembly and no electric whatsoever. The silver chloride mineral pack fits snugly around the inside perimeter of the FROG and lasts one entire pool season. The pre-filled Torpedo Pac will evenly distribute the low-level chlorine, and needs to be replaced every 1-3 weeks depending on weather and usage.
For the Spa – FROG has a couple different options for the spa. The floating system contains both the bromine and mineral cartridges, which last about 2 weeks and 4 months, respectively. The two cartridges float around the surface of the water, and can be removed for the duration of your hot tub session. When the bromine is empty the floater will fall on its side, so knowing when to change it out will be very simple! FROG also makes a mineral distributor that remains in the filter compartment, allowing you to independently apply your low level of bromine in however way you choose.
All of these products are available at our Eagleville and Pottstown stores, and are also set up on our display pools for reference. The FROG system is simple, effective, and will provide a long, healthy life for your pool equipment. Don’t be fooled by flash in the pan sanitation systems, let your pool get friendly with the FROG.
Until next time, have yourself a happy backyard vacation!

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